Recently, TXDOT released plans for a major redesign of I45. When looking at the image of the proposed 28-lane section of freeway, I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed (and incredibly thankful for Waze). I can’t imagine a trip from The Heights to Hermann Park without the Pierce Elevated. If 45 is moved, what will define the line between Downtown and Midtown? Amidst all of the exciting concrete spaghetti bowls and fancy green-space-topped tunnels, my thoughts began to drift towards how much this would make our city change.

What makes humans so resistant to change? Why are we so hesitant to embrace new things?

Fear of the unknown? Change in the status quo? We don’t know or understand the need? All of the above?

I have experienced a good amount of change in my almost 30 29 (forever) years on earth. Some of those moments were amazing and well thought out. Other moments hit me like a bus and left me lying on the ground wondering what had just happened. But, I have found that all things really do work together for good.

At some point in our life, each of us will be called to a complete life change. Not necessarily a change in our normal routine, but a change in the actions of our heart. The story of John, one of Jesus’ disciples, is a great representation of this.

John is fishing with his father and brother when Jesus shows up and asks him to come and remain with Him. Jesus already knew everything about John. He was aware of his struggles and shortcomings, and yet, asked him to be His follower. Jesus knew John fully and loved him completely. He wasn’t looking for someone qualified for the task. Jesus was looking for someone willing and humble.

Scripture says that John immediately dropped his fishing gear and followed Jesus. When life presented him with a basket full of change, John grabbed the handle and started running. If he had hesitated, he would have missed out on being a part of the greatest story in history.

I don’t know if the plans for I45 will ever be reality, but I can say with certainty that change IS coming to Houston. As Christ followers, our only true identification is the love that we show. Village Heights is a gathering of people looking to love our city with brazen authenticity. The overwhelming love that we have to share will change all of us, one person at a time, starting in our neighborhood.

By Hannah White

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