Confessions of the worst mom in Houston

By: Hannah White

Earlier tonight, in an effort to let my kids enjoy a piece of Houston history, we loaded up and headed to NRG for #domecoming. After getting there, getting parked, and walking in, we found ourselves waiting in line, with all of Houston, to experience the 8th Wonder of The World. Everything started out fine. The kids had snacks and toys to entertain them while we waited in line. But, I underestimated that line! After an hour, we were (unknowingly) only half-way to the entrance. The boys were both very restless and fussy. Bill and I were swapping kids – Hold one. Put the other in the stroller. You hold this one. I push the stroller. You push the stroller. I hold that one. We tried every scenario to avoid a meltdown. But, Declan was on the verge of being too far gone. So, I decided to put him on top of my shoulders so he could have a change of scenery. He was giggling and bouncing with excitement. It was a mutually enjoyable experience for about a minute. Then, Declan ABRUPTLY decided that he was no longer satisfied. My perfect little 21 month old threw a full on toddler fit, launching himself off of my shoulders. It all happened so quickly that I am still not sure what even happened. In a sea of people, my littlest love landed back first on the concrete. To say that this was the worst experience of my entire life is THE UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY.

I instantly spun around as I heard him begin to scream. There didn’t appear to be any blood, so I quickly scooped him up. A hush fell over the crowd as my child wailed in discomfort and disbelief. I shook in horror as I held my sweet boy in my arms. Bill and I quickly began checking all of the things you are supposed to check when your kid has an accident. No blood. Pupils were dilating. He was breathing regularly. Several moms immediately came to our aid to help and reassure. One mom pointed us in the direction of an onsite ambulance, so we began to force our way through the crowd.

I didn’t catch the names of the paramedics, but I don’t need to know their names to be positive that they are my heroes. They were two of the most caring people I have ever met. All four of us were welcomed into the ambulance where they quickly began checking Declan over. They felt all over his little body, checked his pupils, assessed his breathing, and even managed to get his blood pressure. Everything. Was. NORMAL! Other than a tiny little scrape on his shoulder, there was literally no sign of his fall. By the end of our ambulance visit, he was totally acting like himself and giggling again. The paramedics gave us the most beautiful peace of mind and sent us on our way… but not before letting Gaige turn on the lights and honk the super loud horn.

Post Domecoming

We obviously opted out of getting back in the ridiculous line to get into the Astrodome. Instead, we got both of the boys a snow cone and went home. We kept Declan awake a little later than normal just to be sure that he didn’t display any alarming behavior. Now that he is in bed, the tidal wave of guilt has knocked me off my feet. “What kind of mother lets something like this happen?!!” It will take me a very long time to shake this… I might never get over this… BUT GOD! There is no logical explanation as to why Declan walked away from that fall with nothing more than a scrape. But, from their first moments of existence, we dedicated both of our kids to the only God that defies logic! I guarantee that He intervened in this situation. There is no other explanation. God obviously has big plans for that little boy. I am thankful that even in the chaos of my life, when I make the wrong decisions or become way too confident in my ability, my Creator still takes care of my family. It is truly an honor to experience the “happy ending” to this story that could have gone so differently.

During the message on Sunday, Bill talked about the purpose of the Lord. Proverbs 19:21 tells us, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, BUT it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Sure, my plans work sometimes. It’s great to make plans. But, when I let God’s purpose permeate all of my plans, I get a front row seat to His power! Today I am thankful that God’s plans are better than mine. The greatest choice I have ever made in this life is to trust Him instead of my own ability. He fills in every single gap where I fall short. Because His plans are proven throughout the test of time, I will continue to trust His every promise………….

and never let my kids ride on my shoulders EVER AGAIN.

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