Peeps and Jesus

peeps and jesus

Peeps and Jesus: Yes, I am talking about the candy…

One of the most magical things about Easter has to be the candy involved. Halloween is one thing, but Easter candy has always been leaps and bounds better. It seems to me that Halloween candy is more about quantity and Easter candy is about quality. I feel like there is a message just in that sentence… but that’s not what we are talking about right now. Stop getting distracted!

My favorite Easter candy has always been, and will always be, the magnificent Peeps. As far as my taste buds are concerned, they are simple, yet divine. Peeps are perfectly shaped and colored on a consistent basis. I could eat boxes of them in one sitting. (That might be a cause to my weight gain over the years…) As I ponder on this, I realize that all Easter candy (and other Easter themed items) seem to have a similar portrayal of perfection. Perfect chocolate bunnies, perfect tulips, perfectly painted eggs, perfect Easter outfits, perfect family pictures. And lets not forget perfectly filled Easter eggs in a perfect well-behaved Easter egg hunt. This can be a very revealing thing about us as humans. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think there is anything bad about striving for perfection. However, we all know that the hunt for perfection holds few boundaries.

We tend to enjoy the feeling and attention we get when we portray ourselves as perfect; as if we have it all together. So, we work hard to paint and frame our lives as perfect, for the viewing pleasure of others. This puts us in a cycle of finding our self-worth in what others think about us. It’s not something to feel guilty about because we are all capable of falling into this trap. So why do we put ourselves in this position? This can be summed up in one word: acceptance. Who doesn’t want to be accepted? No matter your age, gender, race, culture or history, we all want to be accepted. The conflict arises from our fickle nature in deciding what other humans should and should not do. This creates an intrinsic need to hide things from others in fear of revealing our true, imperfect selves. For us to find perfection is like chasing the sunrise. We will never get there!

However, there is good news! We can each have a genuine relationship with The One who does not want our perfect picture. Jesus wants the whole picture of you regardless of how messy it might be.

When He hit the scene 2,000 years ago, the Pharisees were trying to fit everyone into the frame of perfection. They were very strict about a particular way of life and behavior in hopes of finding God’s acceptance. In reality, the Pharisees were just in a “holier than thou” contest amongst themselves, causing major division in the lives of God’s people.

Jesus came to clean the slate! He was the ultimate sacrifice for God’s acceptance, giving everyone the opportunity to find what we all seek so diligently. John 3:16 says “..whoever believes in him..” This choice of words was huge for those with imperfect lives (which is EVERYBODY). Jesus came so that humanity could finally be free.

Are you in the trap of trying to paint a perfect picture of yourself? It’s time to stop fighting a battle you will never win! Today, you can choose to believe in Jesus and become fully accepted. You can wake up every morning knowing, regardless of your past or present, Christ has redeemed your future. Jesus is the acceptance you’ve always wanted. If you need to be reunited, or you have never decided to believe in Christ, WHOEVER you are, you can choose to believe and have everything change…

Peeps and Jesus: By Bill White

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