Hayden Hernandez

I’ve lived in Houston all my life and when I visit other cities or other countries, sometimes all I can think about is when am I getting back home to Houston. I’m a huge homebody who loves comics (Marvel > DC), coffee or root beer, going to the movies, and food. Seriously, I’m willing to do just about anything if you feed me.

I’m one of the few staff members who did not attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Instead, I hail from the great Houston Baptist University. During my tenure there, I met the two greatest loves of my life; Jesus Christ and my beautiful and insanely talented wife, Sam. That’s right, I went to a private Christian school without having accepted Christ as my Saviour. But God works in funny ways.

After graduating from college with a BBA in Accounting, I worked in the water/wastewater utility industry for about 4 years. During that time, my wife and I got married and our first apartment was located right here in the heights. After working in the industry and getting my feet wet in the finance world, I quit my job to answer a calling I felt in my life to join my wife working for a non-profit called Elijah Rising that works to combat sex trafficking in Houston.

So we packed our bags and moved to an 84-acre farm outside of Houston to help Elijah Rising launch an aftercare community. That was 2 years ago and now we are eagerly waiting to move back to Houston.

I met Hannah and Bill during a project they helped with at the farm. And now I get to return the favor. To be honest, they kind of suckered me into it. I mean you spend any amount of time with them and you walk away feeling like you can accomplish anything. Therefore, I offered what knowledge I have to help not only magnify the vision of Village Heights but to help launch Armistice.

  • BBA in Accounting, Houston Baptist University
  • Served in Ministry for 2 years