Tanner Hollier

Coming from a Cajun family, coffee is a very important aspect of every day life. Some people might think it is spicy food, crawfish, or gumbo, but some of my earliest memories are my grandparents or parents making me coffee milk. To this very day coffee has been fueling me from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.

When I was in high school I discovered the One who can do more than just fuel me physically but spiritually as well. Instead of being a tool to help me wake up and stay awake, He gave me a purpose and a reason to wake up in the first place. There is nothing that I have a deeper passion for in this life than to introduce people to the one who makes this life worth living, as well as to a good cup of coffee.

• Bachelor of Arts: Bible and Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University
• Associates of Arts: Bible from Southwestern Assemblies of God University