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What are people saying about Village Heights?


“A wonderful group of people, so welcoming and helpful in the community. Never met group of people who care so much about the people in the community. You will really enjoy this church.” – Colton

“After moving back to Houston from the DFW area ( where I was apart of an amazing church ) I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to find a Church that I loved AS much. I met Hannah and Bill at a Church conference and we reconnected when I moved…. I came to one of our church dinner gatherings, was welcomed with open arms (and very great sweet tea) and immediately felt apart of the family! I know that my Village Heights family always has my back and that they will be there to cheer me on in my struggles but also will be there to celebrate with me in my victories!  Hannah and Bill are REAL.. they speak truth and don’t try to sugar coat it!  There is no place that I’d rather be! + come spend a Sunday with us!” – Jordyn

My husband and I started going to Village Heights about a year ago. We were invited by friends of ours to their very first service, and we’ve been going ever since! We love the community and laid back atmosphere that this church offers! You will not find a more caring, selfless, unique group of people than those who go here! Bill & Hannah (husband & wife) both serve as pastors, and we love the dynamic approach each brings to their sermons each Sunday! We love this church!!” – Katie


“Genuine. I tried several churches since moving to Texas and was blessed to have Village Heights land on my doorstep (almost literally). No pretense. No fuss. Just people loving God, loving People. Hands down the biggest difference between being a part of Village Heights and many other churches I have been to (and loved) is the dedication to action. James 2 talks about how faith without works is dead, and faith is truly alive in this neighborhood crowd. Actions here are an outward reflection of love for each-other and faith in Christ, and act as a pathway back to that love. Bill, Hannah, and their team greet new faces like old friends, and find new ways to apply old lessons in a changing world. It’s a blessing to see God working here!” – Kate

“This is by far the coolest family you will ever meet. We love you unconditionally and push you to be better for yourself. We love our community and will work hard for them. I am proud to consider myself a founding member. (legit I’m the only one that says that) If you need Jesus but don’t want to go to stuffy church with grandma, download your bible app and we’ll see ya Sunday. (No offense to grandma but you know it’s 2016)” – Kristen

“Such genuine people that instantly receive you and welcome you! Such a family friendly atmosphere to inspire growth in all ages! Passionate leaders with zeal for truth. Very much enjoy being at Village Heights!” – Alicia


“My wife and I moved to Houston 3 weeks ago, after feeling sort of let down by Church for the past year Village Heights was just the place to pick us back up. If you are looking for authenticity Village Heights has what you are looking for!” – Tanner