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March 28, 2017

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Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising works to expose, fight, and end the wide-spread injustice of human trafficking in our city. They bring awareness to the public of the brutal realities of sex trafficking and exploitation through their Awareness Van Tours, their Museum of Modern Day Slavery, their direct outreach program, and intervention fieldwork. With every survivor that has successfully left the oppressive sex trafficking industry the need for comprehensive rehabilitation has increased. To meet these needs, Elijah Rising expanded its mission to include long-term, trauma informed, residential, restorative care. In 2019, Elijah Rising officially opened its 84-acre Elijah Rising Restoration Campus focused on providing personalized, transitional care and support services for survivors of sex trafficking as they reintegrate into society.

How was Village Heights able to partner with Elijah Rising?

Human trafficking was a dark secret operating in the shadows of our city. Our hearts broke when we discovered that Houston had one of the most prevalent human trafficking industries in the United States. We knew that we had to find a way to help! But, how? We partnered with Elijah Rising to shed light and break the silence on this issue. And thus, the concept of Village Heights Action Groups was born.

Through the generous donation of much time and resources, Village Heights helped in the renovation process of the Elijah Rising Restoration Facility.

  • Raised funds for new roofs
  • Installed flooring, baseboards, fans, and drywall in staff living quarters
  • Demoed a commercial space for the future library
  • Redesigned the business enterprise space for job skills training

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