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We want to hear from you! What can we celebrate? How can we pray? Let us know all of the ways that we can partner with you as we traverse our faith journeys together.

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    Other Stories

    • Bianca Kerr
      “Volunteering at Village Heights Church has been my anchor in navigating life as a newcomer to Houston. Through service, I've not only found a Christ-centered purpose but also have formed meaningful relationships. Village Heights provides so many opportunities to fellowship together but my personal favorite is serving as a small group leader in our weekly Villages.”
      Bianca Kerr
      Since 2019
    • Gaige White (12 years old)
      “Volunteering at Village Heights is easy because there are opportunities for everyone. I like helping with ProPresenter on Sundays. It’s fun to be involved with the messages… and my parents are kind of funny.”
      Gaige White (12 years old)
      Pastors’ Kid
    • Alex & Raisa Lyons
      “Real church for real people!”
      Alex & Raisa Lyons
      Since 2022