Action Groups

We are deeply committed to serving and loving our community as Christ loved us. This great love compels us to actively engage our community in audaciously generous ways. At Village Heights we continually strive to find ways to support and live life alongside our community.

An Action Group is a gathering of people united around an ambitious cause that both supports our community and collectively takes the individuals involved on a deeper faith journey. Action Groups provide opportunities to study scripture, pray, have great conversation, and philanthropically engage with others that share a passion to serve.

Pillars of the Project


Raise Awareness

Each organization that we partner with receives a boost in exposure. In addition to completing a meaningful project, the Village Heights Community learns as much as we can to share with our networks.



Where the organization might not be able to fund needed projects of this size, Village Heights makes up the difference. Our goal is to not only raise the funds, but also ensure that we stretch every dollar.>



Let’s get to work! Through these projects, the Village Heights community is able to invest their skills, time, and connections… and maybe even pick up some new skills along the way.



After weeks and months of partnering together, we always find a new love and appreciation for each organization. So, it is an honor to celebrate the incredible things we have accomplished together!

A Church isn’t a building, it’s a collective of people.

At Village Heights, we greatly value living life together. The best way to experience meaningful relationships is in a more authentic setting. From scripture we learn that instead of the church being a building or location, it is a collective of people following Christ with great intentionality.

Things like genuine love, brazen faith, acceptance, vulnerability, authentic friendships, spiritual formation, community development, passion for local causes, and personal support happen more fluidly within the context of Action Groups. This is how we, together, can nurture followers of Christ!

Partner with our upcoming Action Group

March 22, 2022

Houston Welcomes Refugees

Houston Welcomes Refugees is dedicated to embracing refugees arriving in our city with compassion, hope, and honor. They provide Welcome Kits and Move-In Teams to ensure families who are resettling in our city receive the essentials needed to begin their new lives. Additionally, their Welcome Teams connect these families with critical resources to ease their transition and honor them with the gift of continued friendship.
March 27, 2021

Hope Center Houston

Hope Center Houston is a faith based, non-profit with a "mind, body, and soul" approach to helping individuals transition out of homelessness. To help nurture the physical body, they provide meals, clothing, laundry services and shower facilities. To assist with the needs of the mind, they offer “life skills” classes, counseling, access to wifi and computers to conduct job searches and connect with family and friends, and a referral program for additional resources. To help support the spiritual needs they provide prayer and Bible studies.
March 28, 2018

SonRise Shelter

SonRise Shelter is a faith-based, nonprofit that provides a solution-based ministry to the unhoused community of north-west Houston. With a holistic approach to their services, their Emergency Shelter Program addresses a client’s most immediate and basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Then, their 90 day Empowerment Program provides clients with educational, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, along with support based on their client’s individual circumstances. And, their Social Services program helps connect clients to other partner agencies for additional resources and comprehensive care.
March 28, 2017

Summer House Houston

Summerhouse Houston is a transition center for young adults with intellectual disabilities that supports their journey towards independence through education, life skills training, and gainful employment with community partners. They create opportunities for adults with learning differences to belong and positively impact the Greater Houston community.
March 28, 2016

Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising works to expose, fight, and end the wide-spread injustice of human trafficking in our city. They bring awareness to the public of the brutal realities of sex trafficking and exploitation through their Awareness Van Tours, their Museum of Modern Day Slavery, their direct outreach program, and intervention fieldwork. With every survivor that has successfully left the oppressive sex trafficking industry the need for comprehensive rehabilitation has increased. To meet these needs, Elijah Rising expanded its mission to include long-term, trauma informed, residential, restorative care. In 2019, Elijah Rising officially opened its 84-acre Elijah Rising Restoration Campus focused on providing personalized, transitional care and support services for survivors of sex trafficking as they reintegrate into society.

Volunteer Testimonies

  • Bree Marchal
    “Such a great way to put faith into action. One of the many ways Village Heights captured our hearts. You really see God work through Village Heights with Action Groups!”
    Bree Marchal
    Since 2018
  • Shawn Colvin
    “Action Groups are what attracted me to Village Heights Church. They provide a meaningful opportunity to show God’s love in our city.”
    Shawn Colvin
    Since 2019
  • Kristen Guzman
    “This is home. Where else am I gonna find people who love Jesus, love me AND actually love on the neighborhood? I wouldn’t want to be on this faith journey anywhere else.”
    Kristen Guzman
    Since 2015
  • Tim Dziedzic
    “Action Groups are a great way to feel like you’re both helping the community while becoming a part of the community.”
    Tim Dziedzic
    Since 2021

Partner with an Action Group year round



You can contribute to our next project right now by making a donation to the Action Group fund! Click the DONATE NOW button below and select “Action Groups” from the drop down menu.



You don’t have to wait for our next Action Group project schedule to be announced to let us know that you are interested in volunteering! Sign up as a volunteer today and we will keep you in the loop as the details of our next opportunities unfold.



If you are passionate about the work of a Houston based organization or are connected to a local non-profit, we’d love to know more! Share a few details about the mission and meaning behind the organization with the Village Heights team.

Director Testimonies

  • Dr. Edward Buford
    “Village Heights birthed in us a spirit of action. Now, we’re reaching out to other churches in our area to move in generosity.”
    Dr. Edward Buford
    Senior Pastor at SonRise Church
  • Ginger Harris
    “ I was so impressed with Village Heights Action Groups when I saw them construct a chapel for a local homeless ministry. They completed the project with considered attention to even the smallest detail. They hung pictures, finished the trim work, and made sure everything was 100% move-in ready. I’ve never seen a volunteer group work together with such concern and commitment to the finished project.”
    Ginger Harris
    Executive Director of The Get Together