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An Action Group is a gathering of people united around an ambitious cause that both supports our community and collectively takes those involved on a deeper faith journey. Action Groups provide opportunities to study scripture, pray, have great conversation, and philanthropically engage with others that share a passion to serve.

At Village Heights, we greatly value living life together. The best way to experience meaningful relationships is in a more authentic setting. From scripture we learn that instead of the church being a building or location, it is a collective of people following Christ with great intentionality. Things like genuine love, brazen faith, acceptance, vulnerability, authentic friendships, spiritual formation, community development, passion for local causes, and personal support happen more fluidly within the context of Action Groups. This is how we, together, can nurture followers of Christ!

A strong foundation is currently being laid for Action Groups. As our groups continue to grow and multiply, more cause-centered groups will become available to join.

We are currenlty gathering every other Thursday starting on May 17, 2018. Come hang out with us as we plan out our project to support the Sonrise Shelter!