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Hope Center Houston

Hope Center Houston is a faith based, non-profit with a "mind, body, and soul" approach to helping individuals transition out of homelessness. To help nurture the physical body, they provide meals, clothing, laundry services and shower facilities. To assist with the needs of the mind, they offer “life skills” classes, counseling, access to wifi and computers to conduct job searches and connect with family and friends, and a referral program for additional resources. To help support the spiritual needs they provide prayer and Bible studies.

How was Village Heights able to partner with Hope Center Houston?

Hope Center Houston serves an area of our city with a large population of unhoused individuals. Village Heights connected with Hope Center Houston in response to their request for audio equipment. After touring their spaces, Village Heights learned about Hope Center Houston’s dream of expanding their facility to allow Houston’s homeless community access to a medical clinic, dental clinic and a place to worship.

So, we had the privilege of putting our love into action during our 2021 project as we partnered with Hope Center Houston to design and build a worship space for those experiencing homelessness. But our hearts wouldn't let us stop there! We transform the standard walls and basic spaces of the new worship area, the medical clinic and the counseling room/ prayer chapel.

  • Furnished, decorated and transformed each area into inviting, peaceful, and beautiful spaces
  • Made areas for our unhoused neighbors to find refuge, medical attention, counseling and the love of God for years to come

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