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March 28, 2019
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March 27, 2021

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How was Village Heights able to support our community during the COVID global pandemic?

Like everyone else across the globe, our plans were derailed in 2020. But, that didn’t stop us from pivoting in the most intentional of ways! After quickly shifting all of our regular in-person gatherings to digital gatherings, we then turned our attention to the community around us; at home, but still in need.

  • Houston Area Women’s Center Once everyone found themselves at home full time, the reported cases of domestic violence increased dramatically with each passing day. Because Houston Area Women’s Center has a beautiful history of supporting and caring for women who have found themselves in unsafe or violent situations, it was our honor to support their great work during a time of increased need through a “Giving Tuesday Now” fundraising campaign.
  • Hospital Deliveries: We supported our “boots on the ground” first responders by delivering meals and treats to local nurses stations and hospital staff members. Knowing that there were very few things that we could do to support, we sent “rays of sunshine” wherever we could!

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