Prior to enjoying Little Village or Village Kids, all children must be registered in our database by their parent or guardian. You can either utilize the pre-registration form that is embedded below, or arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of our gathering to ensure your kids get checked in. Don’t worry mom and dad, we’ll have coffee waiting!

LITTLE VILLAGE (0-5 years old):

Village Heights provides childcare during all Sunday Gatherings for children ages 5 and under. Our amazingly qualified and caring Little Village team has been background-checked and trained to ensure the best experience for your family. While in Little Village, your kids will be loved and cared for while engaging in a fun, Christ centered lesson tailored to their age.

VILLAGE KIDS (Elementary School):Little Village & Village Kids - Village Heights Church

Since we believe that kids benefit greatly from seeing their parents and community engage with Christ, Village Heights begins each gathering as a family. We love providing the opportunity for our kids to be an active part of our community and discover more about Jesus alongside the adults.

While present in our gathering, all Village Kids are invited to grab a custom designed color sheet as supplemental learning for our current series.