March 22, 2022

Houston Welcomes Refugees

Houston Welcomes Refugees is dedicated to embracing refugees arriving in our city with compassion, hope, and honor. They provide Welcome Kits and Move-In Teams to ensure families who are resettling in our city receive the essentials needed to begin their new lives. Additionally, their Welcome Teams connect these families with critical resources to ease their transition and honor them with the gift of continued friendship.
March 27, 2021

Hope Center Houston

Hope Center Houston is a faith based, non-profit with a "mind, body, and soul" approach to helping individuals transition out of homelessness. To help nurture the physical body, they provide meals, clothing, laundry services and shower facilities. To assist with the needs of the mind, they offer “life skills” classes, counseling, access to wifi and computers to conduct job searches and connect with family and friends, and a referral program for additional resources. To help support the spiritual needs they provide prayer and Bible studies.
March 28, 2018

SonRise Shelter

SonRise Shelter is a faith-based, nonprofit that provides a solution-based ministry to the unhoused community of north-west Houston. With a holistic approach to their services, their Emergency Shelter Program addresses a client’s most immediate and basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Then, their 90 day Empowerment Program provides clients with educational, emotional, economic and spiritual guidance, along with support based on their client’s individual circumstances. And, their Social Services program helps connect clients to other partner agencies for additional resources and comprehensive care.
March 28, 2017

Summer House Houston

Summerhouse Houston is a transition center for young adults with intellectual disabilities that supports their journey towards independence through education, life skills training, and gainful employment with community partners. They create opportunities for adults with learning differences to belong and positively impact the Greater Houston community.
March 28, 2016

Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising works to expose, fight, and end the wide-spread injustice of human trafficking in our city. They bring awareness to the public of the brutal realities of sex trafficking and exploitation through their Awareness Van Tours, their Museum of Modern Day Slavery, their direct outreach program, and intervention fieldwork. With every survivor that has successfully left the oppressive sex trafficking industry the need for comprehensive rehabilitation has increased. To meet these needs, Elijah Rising expanded its mission to include long-term, trauma informed, residential, restorative care. In 2019, Elijah Rising officially opened its 84-acre Elijah Rising Restoration Campus focused on providing personalized, transitional care and support services for survivors of sex trafficking as they reintegrate into society.